I'm normally not that fond of mondays, but this monday isn't that bad. I woke up relatively early and immediately forced myself to do the day's chores. So I ironed and folded all the clean towels, shirts, skirts, socks and more. Then I whirl-winded myself through the kitchen, leaving it squeaky clean.
I'm not one for heavy and daily cleaning, but there must always be some sense of order in the house. If the house lacks order, my mind will automatically tangle. And tangled minds are the worst.

After that I allowed myself to sit down for a bit and make some illustrations. I wanted to use them in the blog's header, but I guess simple is best... and that's where I went for. Simple.
Then I took some pictures with my pancake flat, super-duper-new Canon 40mm lens. My love got it for my birthday ( which was about a month ago ). The past month was quite hectic, so today I finally got around giving this amazing lens a spin.
I don't thinks I'll ever use another lens ever again. It's lightweight, flat and absolutely flawless. Love at first use!

The above pictures were taken with this particular lens. The first image shows the bump. This is what a 28th week preggo bump ( and boobs ), wrapped in PJ's, looks like. I don't have a clue whether it's huge or not. Feels huge, but I guess I'm not used to carrying something inside of me with a mind and digestion of it's own. Apparently the munchkin loves whatever I eat and uses it to grow fast and tall. Hence the roundness and size of the bump ( I guess ).
Anyway... it's fun waddling around the house with a equally active little one inside. Still 12 weeks to go, I can't imagine growing bigger than this. It's been something spectacular so far.

The rest of the pictures show the kitties and the lemon infused water I drink all day with hopes of not getting the flu again.
Pretty much a boring day like any other...

But I promise some interesting posts are ahead. Sharing recipes, a high tea, an ultrasound this thursday and maybe some high quality - interesting - photos of some hikes I have planned this week ( note to self: should go on longer walks more often!! ).

So that's that...

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