These pictures were taken during a 2 hour hike two weeks ago. Seems so long ago already... The weekend after my trip down to the coastline, baby decided it wanted to grow a little more excessively ( he does that every once in a couple of weeks ). Which means my body needs to make a little more room for another inch or two. Backaches, sore muscles and some pre-labor pains dominated my weekend and the week after. Once baby found it's position, my energy-level dropped heavily, making me sleep almost all day. Baby-growing is like a weeklong hardcore training at the gym while being yelled at by one of those overexcited bodybuilder-like trainers.

But I'm thankful to have had such a nice stroll taking a lot of pictures of my most treasured place in the world. Dutch coast!

The past week I was recovering a little and I'm slowly getting back on my feet. My boy got himself a new guitar and started playing again. Baby enjoyed it! Also we had some cousins over and played some games while having beers, wine and apple juice ( no booze for me ) and yummy cheeses and fresh sardines.
Although being tired still, I force myself to make something of this week. So I'm gonna sign off here and clean the house. And after that I'll allow myself to take just one one- hour nap.

Oh and by the way... When may one officially start the baby countdown? We're expecting the baby within 8 weeks... Seems fair to start now right?

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