Days seem to fly by and we're getting more and more used to parenthood. We love every minute of parenting so far... We even like the off-days, which mostly has us either walking around with her in our arms or endless cuddles in our bed. It's intense... there's no more us and our needs, but meeting her needs first before finally being able to sit down and read a book with a cup of tea ourselves.

We've had some bad days filled with crocodile tears, mostly on her part ( but I couldn't help crying along myself sometimes too ) because of cramps, demanding more milk and growing pains. We spend those days in pajamas in and around the bed. It's all good... It's surviving. And I know of no better way to get passed a day like that then to just relax and put on some comfy clothes and canceling all other plans.
However, most days are filled with little smiles, happy babbling and tons of cuddles. I don't think I will ever get enough of her scent and tickly soft hair brushing my nose and exploring her very existence amidst our life. I can literally stare at her for hours straight. Man.... I love being a mama.

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