Thirza is ten weeks old now and starting to look more and more like a little person instead of a teeny newborn. She shows lots of character this little girl... She's eager, curious and wants a lot more than she's able to do at the moment, which immediately displays her temperament. She can get angry at times when something she made up her mind about is going well just yet. The poor thing is busy fine-tuning her skills and that causes  frustration.
But she's a doll along the way... Always smiling, chitchatting and in for adventure. Her nights are long, which is nice for mum and dad too... and in the morning we cuddle until the alarm goes off and daddy has to go to work. Golding hours in the early morning... I always start the day off right this way.

Also... I've been dusting off my sewing machine and I can't wait to get started on some projects. I'm a beginner still, but I think I will give the 'kids clothes week' a go. I'm eager to expand the little one's wardrobe with some funky shirts, dresses and leggings... so signing up means actually following through my plan of making my own kids' clothes.

Too bad the majority of my fabric stash is cotton. Which is fine, but I'd like to use a more soft and stretchy fabric like jersey.
And I'll be sewing inbetween feeding-time and naps, which is a challenge of it's own. I hope my commitment to the project can be brought to practice whenever I want... But I guess that's wishful thinking ha!

Will be documenting my sewing-adventures soon... Maybe kick in a tutorial here and there too, who knows...

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